RIBOXXOL : next generation TLR3 ligands

Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) implicated in the innate immune response. They are also involved in launching the inflammatory response, and are key players in adaptive specific immunity.

So far, 10 human TLR have been characterized. Some species differences are observed i.e. the identification of at least 12 TLR in mice, but also as to the intensity and specificity of the innate immune response upon ligation of the TLR.

Ligands of TLRs are so called pathogen-associated molecular patterns or PAMPs. They are structural components of viruses (RNA, dsRNA), bacteria (lipopolysaccharides, flagellines, lipopeptides), fungi, parasites, but also methylated DNA such as CpG DNA.

Riboxx has developed a series of TLR ligands, among these is the next generation Toll-like-receptor 3 (TLR3) ligand RIBOXXOL®.


TLR3 ligands : which reagent do I need?

Your choice is mainly determined by experimental parameters (activation of dendritic cells, NK cells, monocytes in vitro, vaccination study in vivo, apoptosis experiments in vitro and in vivo) and the type of TLR3 ligand needed.

RIBOXXOL is available for various applications in different formats and different scales, as shown below.

  immune cells activation in vitro vaccination studies TLR3 mechanistic studies

tumor cells apoptosis




RNA, 50 bp C/I/G

RNA, 50 bp C/I/G RNA, 50 bp C/I/G+chromophore RNA, 50 bp C/I/G
 potency 5-10 µg/ml 10-20 µg/app. 1-5 µg/ml 1-5 µg/ml
 specificity  DCs, NK, monocytes DCs, NK, monocytes

DCs, NK, monocytes

tumor cells
 purification HPLC, endotoxin free

HPLC, desalted endotoxin free

HPLC, endotoxin free HPLC

TLR3 ligands : overview

Riboxx offers a broad range of TLR3 ligands for in vitro and in vivo activation of innate and adaptive immunity, including TLR3 ligands in CLINIgrade® format to be used in vaccination studies, and fluorophore labelled TLR3 ligands to be used for molecular and mechanistic studies in immune and non-immune cells.

A comprehensive overview of the reagents is shown below.

 TLR3 ligand

dsRNA, 50 bp length (500 µg, 1 mg), endotoxin-free

 TLR3 ligand for vaccination studies

dsRNA, 50 bp length (500 µg, 1 mg), desalted, endotoxin-free



 TLR3 ligand with fluorophore
  dsRNA, 50 bp length, with green fluorophore (100 µg, 250µg)   RIBOXXOL green488  
  dsRNA, 50 bp length, with red fluorophore (150 µg, 250 µg)   RIBOXXOL red555  
 TLR3 ligand with biotin
   dsRNA, 50 bp length, with biotin (100 µg, 250µg)    RIBOXXOL biotin  
 TLR3 ligand negative control
  dsRNA, 30 bp length (500 µg, 1 mg)   RIBOXXOL negative control  
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