CONTRAmiR in vivo


To order the CONTRAmiR in vivo, enter your miRNA sequence (mature miRNA).
Valid inputs are: 'G'; 'C'; 'A'; 'U'; 'g'; 'c'; 'a'; 'u'

Maximum number of characters: 25

1 x pre-designed CONTRAmiR for IN VIVO targeting of miRNA

Amount: 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 nmol
Purification: RP-HPLC
Quality control: RP-HPLC
in vivo grade: desalted, endotoxin-free
Delivery: dried

Riboxx manufactures miRNA inhibitors for in vitro and in vivo applications, the CONTRAmiR inhibitors.
The CONTRAmiR inihibits effectively miRNA function with a subsequent change in phenotype of the cell and / or tissue.

The CONTRAmiR is a single-stranded nucleic acid from the class of antagonists of microRNA (15 – 25 nt).
The CONTRAmiR displays the complementary sequence to the mature miRNA.
It consists of chemically modified ribonucleosides (2´-O-Methyl).

For in vivo applications, the CONTRAmiR includes phosphorothioate modifications to increase its resistance to RNAses.

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CONTRAmiR miRNA inhibitors

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