riboLINK siRNA green


To order riboLINK siRNA green, please enter the target sequence of siRNA
(passenger strand, 19 - 25 nt in length). Valid inputs are: 'G'; 'C'; 'A'; 'U'; 'g'; 'c'; 'a'; 'u'

Maximum number of characters: 25

1 x pre-designed siRNA linked to a green fluorophore with an endosome cleavable linker

Scale: 2, 5 or 10 nmol
Fluorophore: green488 (Abs./Em.=488/505 nm)
Purification: RP/PS
Quality control:
Delivery: dried

riboLINK siRNA allows reversible coupling of siRNA to a functional group such as a fluorophore or a biotin. The linker of riboLINK siRNA is pH-sensitive. After uptake and internalization of riboLINK siRNA to the endosome, the linker is cleaved in the acidic milieu of the late endosome, releasing the siRNA to display its full biological activity.
Moreover, riboLINK siRNA has the RNAi-cap technology.

The RNAi-cap technology offers several advantages:

  • directional modulation of RISC unwinding of siRNA duplex, enhancing loading of the guide strand to the RISC complex. As a consequence, much less siRNA are needed for an effective gene silencing with a subsequent reduction of off-target effects [1]
  • improved stability of siRNA duplex with subsequent improved half-life in body fluids.


[1] Nolte A, Ott K, Rohayem J, Walker T, Schlensak C, Wendel HP. Modification of small interfering RNAs to prevent off-target effects by the sense strand. N Biotechnol. 2013 Jan 25;30(2):159-65.

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