iBONi siRNA quattro


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Set of 4 siRNAs for gene knockdown
3 x pre-designed iBONi siRNA
1 x iBONi siRNA negative control

Amount: 2 or 5 nmol each
Purification: RP/SEC
Quality control: PAGE
Delivery: dried

iBONi siRNA displays a new technology invented at Riboxx, the RNAi-cap.

The RNAi-cap technology offers several advantages:

  • directional modulation of RISC unwinding of siRNA duplex, enhancing loading of the guide strand to the RISC complex. As a consequence, much less siRNA are needed for an effective gene silencing with a subsequent reduction of off-target effects [1]
  • improved stability of siRNA duplex with subsequent improved half-life in body fluids.

[1] Nolte A, Ott K, Rohayem J, Walker T, Schlensak C, Wendel HP. Modification of small interfering RNAs to prevent off-target effects by the sense strand. N Biotechnol. 2013 Jan 25;30(2):159-65.

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