iBONi siRNA : the gene knockdown guarantee

  Gene knockdown guarantee terms 

With the purchase of iBONi siRNA (in quattro, pool, or siRNA box formats), you receive a "gene knockdown guarantee" and all-around scientific and technical  support.


  What does "gene knockdown guarantee" mean?

If no gene knockdown occurs (at least 70% compared to a control) in your experiments, we will re-design and re-synthesize 3 siRNA free of charge.


  When does the gene knockdown guarantee apply?

Appropriate data evidencing the absence of gene knockdown would include western-blot quantified by densitomertry and/or quantitative PCR-based silencing data, comparing target mRNA levels of the transfected siRNA at 50 nM or greater, to an appropriate negative control (such as iBONi siRNA negative control).

Additionnally, receipt of appropriate supporting data for transfection efficiency is required for the guarantee.

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