Green siRNA and miRNA

Riboxx uses and develops its own proprietary GREEN CHEMISTRY for manufacturing of siRNA and miRNA mimics

Green Chemistry seeks to reduce the negative impact of chemistry on the environment by preventing pollution at its source. It follows 12 principles, among these to reduce the use of auxiliary substances (e.g. solvents, separation agents, etc.) wherever possible and to use catalytic reagents (as selective as possible).     

Worldwide, siRNA and miRNA mimics are manufactured using solid-phase chemical synthesis. This standard process uses highly toxic solvents such as acetonitrile, dichloromethane, and is run on synthesizers with high energy costs.     

Looking at the database Pubmed, you´ll find almost 8000 publications per year relying on siRNA as a tool. Considering that only 20% of all experiments are published, this translates yearly in more than 10.000 liters of acetonitrile and dichloromethane (just to name a few), and thousands of kilowatts for siRNA and miRNA mimics manufacturing.     

This is a very serious burden for the environment!     

At Riboxx, we develop and implement Green chemistry for manufacturing of our siRNA and miRNA mimics: iVORi® siRNA, and CONmiR® miRNA mimics.
By using our biocatalyis process TENPORA to manufacture siRNA and miRNA mimics, we reduce the amounts of solvents needed by 2, cut energy costs by half and reduce drastically the emission of toxic substances.

That´s why, when using our iVORi siRNA or CONmiR miRNA mimics, you are in addition to using highly potent and validated RNAi molecules, supporting our efforts for a cleaner and safer environment.     

Use riboxx Green siRNA and miRNA mimics and show that you care.

For yourself and our planet! Thank you!

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