Karsten Tlusty

  1. Why don´t you use a GREEN siRNA ?

    Did you know that siRNA and miRNA mimics are manufactured using solid-phase chemical synthesis?
    This standard process uses highly toxic solvents such as acetonitrile, dichloromethane, and is run on synthesizers with high energy costs.
    This is a very serious burden for the environment!
    At Riboxx, we implement Green Chemistry for manufacturing of our siRNA and miRNA mimics.

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  2. How can I increase gene silencing potency of siRNA and miRNA mimics?

    Last week, a scientist asked me: “ I am targeting a mRNA with a miRNA mimic. It is working, but I need a stronger silencing. Can you help?"
    This is a known problem when you are restricted in your target sequence, such as for miRNA mimics.
    The solution to this problem is the RNAi-cap.

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  3. How can I reduce off-target effects of siRNA and miRNA mimics?

    One of the problems of siRNA and miRNA mimic is unspecific gene silencing due to off-target effects. I have solved this problem by inventing the RNAi-cap.

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  4. INVENTIONS: What is it all about?

    You have surely someday asked yourself: "What is the purpose of being an INVENTOR?"
    This short movie brings it to the point.

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