What it is the purpose of being an INVENTOR ?


Riboxx siRNA and miRNA mimics: YOUR gene silencing BONUS...

Riboxx PHARMACEUTICALS has invented the RNAi-cap™ Technology for siRNA and miRNA mimics dedicated to RNAi-Drug development.

The RNAi-cap™ Technology increases knock-down potency, reduces off-target effects and toxicity, and improves stabiliy with subsequent longer gene silencing .

Riboxx is proud to offer the RNAi-cap™ Technology to scientists as a BONUS to their gene silencing experiments.
gene silencing BONUS is available as:
• iBONi® siRNA and iBONi® siRNA Controls
iVORi® siRNA in VIVO
CONmiR® miRNA mimics and CONmiR® Controls
CONmiR® miRNA mimic in VIVO

...and MORE:

Riboxx® siRNA and miRNA mimics meet scientists requirements on
Potency, as shown in numerous scientific publications
Fast delivery, usually within 10 days (in EU)
Price: Riboxx offers you a PRICE BONUS as well !

Latest Publications using the RNAi-cap™ Technology

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